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Spent my last day of summer in space 👽

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, I was looking for literally anyone who could answer this, but when does balding start when on T? Because my mom's brother and father started balding in their twenties and my hair is literally my only good feature. And if I go on T for like, eight months would it be too early to start balding? (I'm planning to start hormones when I turn sixteen.)

Some people don’t bald, but most of the time it’s genetic. So if the males in your family started balding early, you probably will too.
But don’t let a bad hair line hold you back. 

Anonymous asked:
Are you still getting top surgery while in university? ?

The wait list is aprox. 3 years, so it’s not something I’m really thinking about right now. 

Anonymous asked:
When will you make another video? I really miss watching you :(

What type of video would you like to see next? 

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