Anonymous asked:
would you rather describe yourself as introverted or extroverted?


Anonymous asked:
would you ever make a work out video?

I will soon!

Anonymous asked:
Do you know when you will get top surgery ? because you said you will get it around September :)

Doctors lie about dates. It won’t be for a couple of years.

Anonymous asked:
do you use the one packer for multiple uses? like for just packing and then sex or do you have different ones? and which one do you use for sex because idk what to get or where? what are your thoughts?

The Peecock is a 3 in 1 packer. Pack, pee and play!

Anonymous asked:
This may be a bit personal and you don have to answer, but I'm going on T soon and I was wondering how long it takes until your periods stop?

It took me 8 months, which is pretty long. Normally It should be about 3 months.


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Anonymous asked:
Are you having some super rad bday part?

Heck to the ya

Anonymous asked:
How old are you turning?

18 :)